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1. Processed data

1.1. We will not collect your data through the Site.

1.2. All data collected on the Site is provided and received in an anonymized form (hereinafter referred to as “Anonymous Data”).

1.3. Anonymous data includes the following information that does not identify you:

1.3.1. Information that you provide about yourself on your own using online forms and program modules of the Site, including name or phone number and/or email address.

1.3.2. Data that is transferred in an anonymized form in automatic mode, depending on the settings of the software you use.

1.4. The Administration has the right to establish requirements for the composition of the Anonymous User Data that is collected using the Site.

1.5. If certain information is not marked as mandatory, its provision or disclosure is carried out by the User at his own discretion and on his own initiative.

1.6. The Administration does not verify the accuracy of the data provided and whether the User has the necessary consent to their processing in accordance with this Policy, believing that the User acts in good faith, prudently and makes every effort to keep such information up to date and obtain all necessary consents to its use .

1.7. You acknowledge and accept the possibility of using third-party software on the Site, as a result of which such parties can receive and transmit the data specified in clause 1.3 in an anonymized form.

1.8. The composition and conditions for collecting anonymous data using third-party software are determined directly by their copyright holders and may include:

* browser data (type, version, cookie);

* device data and its location;

* operating system data (type, version, screen resolution);

* request data (time, referral source, IP address).

1.9. The Administration is not responsible for the procedure for using the Anonymous User Data by third parties.

2. Purposes of data processing

2.1. The administration uses the data for the following purposes:

2.1.1. Processing of incoming requests and communication with the User;

2.1.2. Information service, including distribution of advertising and information materials;

2.1.3. Carrying out marketing, statistical and other research;

2.1.4. Targeting advertising materials on the Site.

3. Data protection requirements

3.1. The administration stores data and ensures their protection from unauthorized access and distribution in accordance with internal rules and regulations.

3.2. Confidentiality is maintained with respect to the data received, except when they are made public by the User, as well as when the technologies and software of third parties used on the Site or the settings of the software used by the User provide for an open exchange with these persons and / or other participants and users of the Internet .

3.3. In order to improve the quality of work, the Administration has the right to store log files on the actions performed by the User as part of the use of the Site for 1 (One) year.

4. Data transfer

4.1. The administration has the right to transfer data to third parties in the following cases:

*The User has expressed his consent to such actions, including cases when the User uses the settings of the software used, which do not restrict the provision of certain information;

*The transfer is necessary as part of the User's use of the functionality of the Site;

*The transfer is required in accordance with the purposes of data processing;

*In connection with the transfer of the Site to the possession, use or ownership of such a third party;

*At the request of a court or other authorized state body within the framework of the procedure established by law;

To protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Administration in connection with violations committed by the User.

5. Changing the Privacy Policy

5.1. This Policy may be changed or terminated by the Administration unilaterally without prior notice to the User. The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Site, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy.

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